Recording Studio & A/V Post Production Facility



We're a small studio that has operated in Farnham, Surrey since 1996. We have a good track record of band or solo artist recording, video editing, commercial voice-over and sound track recordings for broadcast on national and international TV and Radio, as well as providing the museum & exhibition industry, corporate sector and the DVD entertainment market with audio visual content.



Music Recording


Over the years we have recorded and produced most genres of music and many of the performers have returned again and again to add another song or album to their discography. Solo artists or bands up to 5 piece can be accommodated.


For samples of our production quality please visit the Music recording page.



Voice-Over Recording


We have recorded many professional VO artists and visitors to the studio include actors Chris Fairbanks, Oliver Tobias and Elizabeth Garvie amongst a host of other well known, 'specialist in their field' VO artists - aviation commentary specialists or Arabic for TV commercials for example.


We also provide many independent video production companies with VO recording facilities and can either provide them with the raw takes or a fully produced master for their own productions.


For samples of our VO productions visit the Voice-Over page.



Video Editing


We work closely with the client to produce top quality programming in standard or high definition and have produced programs for DVD, web, museum & exhibition displays, narrowcast and broadcast.


Programmes have included a wide variety of topics, from musical performances through to documentary, training videos, short features, corporate and commercials.

To some video production companies we are considered a 'one-stop shop' as our integrated voiceover facility enables on the fly VO recording or editing (for example due to script revision) dynamically as a video edit progresses.


For samples of some of our productions visit the Video services page.







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