Recording Studio & A/V Post Production Facility

Music Recording


Sound recording and production was the original business at Sniff n Break, long before the addition of video production services.


Over the years we have recorded and produced many genres of music and many of the performers have returned again and again to add another album to their discography.

The studio has separate control room, live room and drum room which doubles up as a vocal booth and can accommodate 5 people comfortably.


Recording Examples:





Uncle Buck

Jim Hammond

Norry & the Mighty 45's



Peter Morrison ft. Dallas Ayres



Tracking can be done 'live' - ie. all playing at the same time with each instrument recorded to it's own track - or multitracked by recording each person one at a time. Either way, as each instrument or vocal is on it's own track there is enormous scope for production whether you require a low budget demo or a fully produced work of art.



Solo Artist


We have recorded hundreds of solo singer/songwriters, most of whom just want a very simple guitar and vocal recording and some who want a full band production.

With the aid of several musicians affiliated to the studio, a full production arrangement can be built around a solo based song by adding bass, drums keyboards etc to really bring the song to life.


With a massive library of sounds from rare historic instruments, ethnic instruments, classical instruments through to modern day synthesizer sounds anything can be achieved.


We have an ever-growing library of sound effects as well as instrument samples which can add another dimension to your songs.



Music Composition


SniffnBreak have written and produced many pieces for Film, TV documentary and DVD sell-thru products. We are well connected with musicians and writers and can undertake small projects in house or larger projects courtesy of our affiliates. If we feel we cannot do your project justice in house we put you directly in touch with one of our composer affiliates and do not charge a fee.


Some composition examples:



This Swiss film was edited at Sniffnbreak and the music was composed and produced here too, along with the entire soundtrack, foley and sound effects, in 5.1 surround.

Title Music

Army Medics


Initially broadcast on the Discovery Channel, Army Medics was a 3 part documentary about the British Army medics and the amazing work they do delivering much needed medical aid to the nomadic tribes people of northern Kenya.


SniffnBreak wrote and produced all the music for the documentary.

Army Medics

Army Medics

Incidental Music

Army Medics

Incidental Music

Modern Jive


Produced by Amity Media Productions in association with Ceroc, this DVD provides a step-by-step beginners guide to learning Modern Jive.


SniffnBreak wrote and produced all the music for the tutorials.

Modern Jive

The Roach

An example of classical arrangement written and produced at SniffnBreak:

War Effort (video clip)

Minute's Silence

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