Recording Studio & A/V Post Production Facility



Air-conditioned and well ventilated throughout

Control Room/Edit Suite

Voice-over/sound booth/drum booth

Live room (accommodates bands up to 5 members at one time)

Large Sample Library



Audio mastering to CD or any file format (mp3 etc)

Video mastering to DVD/Bluray or any file format (mpg etc)


Session musicians available




Our equipment list is constantly evolving to keep up with technology. Currently this includes:


Apple Mac Pro, twin 24" monitors

Adobe CC Premiere, After Effects, Encore, Photoshop & Soundbooth

Final Cut Pro, Color, Motion, Soundtrack Pro

Logic Pro, Audition, Melodyne plus a variety of other audio software

Studiomaster 24:8:16:2 Mixing Desk

Wide variety of microphones for recording of voice-over through to bass drum

Genelec & Yamaha Monitoring

Joe Meek Compressors

Roland XV-5080 Sound Module

Delta 1010 Audio Interface

Focusrite Liquid Sapphire 56 Audio Interface

DV/Mini DV,DAT, DCC, Minidisk, VHS & Cassette decks

Various Outboard Effects


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